Home. Got my crown. That feels good.
Head does not. Horrible migraine.
Cold front coming in – 55 degrees now down below, but the wind has picked up and blowing gale force.
Hot tea & a bagel is so nice. Then it’s nap time – try to sleep thru the migraine pain. And backache. And arthritis pain. Weather really screws with me – and with Kasha and her Lyme arthritis. We’re both limping. Misery loves company.

1 thought on “Later…”

  1. Glad the crown went well and is comfortable. Next is to have your eyes checked.
    Wow they are really having a storm in TX. Wish you felt like being on FB. It is nice to hear little messages from all over. Nearly all of my “friends” are relatives.
    So far only two aren’t. Clay hasn’t accepted my invitation. Joel is the one that invited me. I get the hang of it a little each day.
    Talk to you later.


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