Just a note..., Venting!

I was going to call you tonight…

Mom, but you know, it just sucks to be me, sometimes. I was having a hard time waking up, so took some of my meds and laid back down, which I often do. Went back to sleep. Then the meds came back up in the most vile, burning burning fire bile I have ever experienced. Of course, I had to swallow them back down, too.

They burned me going both up and down, and now I’m so hoarse, and it hurts extremely to talk, it even hurts to breath, the air passing over it. I did of course use lots of tums, sucked on them to soothe it, and also took calcium capsules, which help, ate yogurt, which seemed to help neutralize it a little. Then wound up with cough drops that I’m still sucking on.

In other news, we got really slammed with the wind and rain last night. I have to go check the pot on the deck, but I’m sure it was at least two inches. It sounded worse than when the hurricane came through. I was up all night listening to the sound of all the things crashing around, then noticed a noise in the living room and found we have a slight leak near the fireplace. I’m not surprised, as hard as it was raining, and the roof is getting older.

It didn’t do much beyond a little drip now and then.

*sigh* I’m tired and going to take a nice long rest. Hope your headache has passed!

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